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Best WordPress Hosting in Australia - Updated

Best WordPress hosting in Australia

You know how quickly you lose patience and click away when a webpage takes too long to load. Isn’t it the same with your own website?

Over the years, we’ve tested 150s from various hosting providers. This post will examine the top WordPress hosting in Australia and assist you in deciding which is the best fit for your company.

Let’s get started. 

FAQs - WordPress Hosting

WordPress Is Easy to UseWordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world, allowing users to create and manage websites with no restrictions.

WordPress provides you with access to dozens of free themes and plugins that make the design process easier and allow you to add powerful features with a few clicks.

You must locate a hosting service to host the WordPress software.

For beginners, Use those hosting providers which offers

  • Click-and-Install WordPress 

By providing a simple click-and-install option, it eliminates the hassle of manually downloading, installing, and configuring WordPress. Furthermore, with the aid of our WordPress Starter wizard, we have streamlined the entire process from installation to site activation.

All of the features you choose are deployed instantly on your site, transforming a basic WordPress installation into a gorgeous, fully working website in minutes – no technical experience necessary!

In this post, we’ll look at a few WordPress hosting options based on the type of site you want to create.

We can help you evaluate your options now that you have a better understanding of what a hosting company offers, As we have already designed many websites and tested almost all hosting providers. If you want to ensure that your site is as successful as possible from the start, you should evaluate each web host against the 8 criteria listed below.

  1. Check to see if they offer the services you need for your website, and make sure they can meet your needs while staying within your budget.
  2. Examine the server’s uptime guarantee and reliability and also check the responsiveness of the host’s server.
  3. Check for any price differences between sign-up and renewal prices.
  4. Learn about the type of control panel you’ll have. cPanel is the most popular control panel you’ll see. Some hosts, however, provide a customised solution.
  5. Examine the website backup options provided by the host.
  6. Service and reputation are more important than price. Cheap web hosting is available everywhere, but spending a little more money can mean the difference between a website that is always available and one that is down for weeks.
  7. Ascertain that you will receive the help you require. Examine the customer service options provided by each hosting company.
  8. Examine the Add-On Products and Services that are available.

Selecting the best WordPress hosting for your needs will help you enhance your SEO and boost your sales. WordPress hosting comes in many different flavours including free, shared, VPS, Dedicated and Managed WordPress hosting. We’ll walk you through the process of selecting the best WordPress hosting for your website in this guide.

We also conducted a side-by-side comparison of the top WordPress hosting companies, including speed testing, uptime tests, and reliability tests, to assist you in making the best option possible.

According to experts, there are numerous WordPress hosting providers that offer and claim to be the finest, but only a handful of them are legitimate.

So in this article, you will find yourself which one is best for your site as we have already tested almost every hosting provider in Australia to find their server performance and service quality.  

Otherwise in our opinion, SiteGround is the best value for your money. While it isn’t the cheapest hosting choice in Australia, it isn’t even close to the most expensive.

The cost of creating and developing a website varies depending on its look and features. It is not even close to being the most expensive option for hosting in Australia.

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Best WordPress Hosting Australia 2022


It is now one of the most widely used hosting services on the planet. The Best All-Round Web Host in Australia. Because it has its own data server in Sydney therefore it also comes in first place in our ranking of the finest web hosting services.

A2 Hosting:

Fastest & Best WordPress hosting 2022, With a full set of features and Turbo speed and performance, their Managed WordPress Hosting provides you with speed and performance.


A budget-friendly WordPress hosting service, Their one-click setup, user-friendly control panel, and automatic WordPress updates are all included. Get WordPress performance plugins and marketing tools pre-installed to help you expand your online presence.


The quickest WordPress host in Australia for semi-technical users, with a tonne of raw power and affordable plans!

Crazy Domains:

Most reliable WordPress hosting in Australia with a wide range of services at a reasonable cost.


WordPress installation is quicker and simpler with a ready-to-use solution than it is when done independently. 

1. Siteground

Key Features



SiteGround is a must-have for any list of the finest WordPress hosting. For quite some time, the company has been gaining traction in the WordPress community. There’s a reason for that. Their hosting infrastructure is robust in terms of WordPress-optimized servers, and they also offer managed WordPress hosting at unheard-of prices (read: you won’t find a cheaper managed host of comparable quality anywhere else).

SiteGround’s customer service representatives are highly knowledgeable and eager to assist with any problem. This includes technological concerns and troubleshooting in general. As I previously stated, SiteGround offers the greatest customer service on our list – with how eager they are to assist, it’s almost like employing another staff to repair difficulties for you.

SiteGround offers 24/7 help in English, Spanish, and Italian via chat, phone, and tickets.

Siteground Price guide

 They’ve added a monthly plan. It’s more expensive than the best option, the year plan, but it’s a fantastic way to try them out for longer than the 30-day trial period.

SiteGround employs strategic software deployments to ensure that site load times remain swift and snappy at all times and in all locations.

Cloudflare is a service that improves the delivery of content to users all around the world. They have the most connections (over 100) to internet exchange locations around the world. When a visitor accesses your website, the data is pulled from the exchange point nearest to them, resulting in buttery smooth content delivery and lightning-fast loading times!

Your visitors will be happier, and your Google ranking will improve. For everyone, it’s a win-win situation!

2. Hostinger

Key Features



Hostinger is one of the greatest all-round web hosts since it provides excellent services and fast speeds at a low price. Hostinger’s managed WordPress offers an easy-to-use wizard for WordPress newcomers, as well as update management, auto website optimisation, and other features.

” Cheap and best WordPress hosting in Australia with starting price @ $ 1.99/month “

This is a fantastic beginning plan to build up your WordPress website if you’re on a low budget and already have a domain. Although LiteSpeed Cache allows for custom caching, CDN is only accessible under their more costly WordPress Starter package.

This is the section when we get down to business. There are a plethora of free hosting options available that provide a less expensive but limited alternative. Hostinger’s cheapest shared hosting plan with a single domain is $0.99 per month, and their most expensive VPS hosting plan costs $2.75 per month.

There are no hidden expenses or price increases, unlike other low-cost services. Your charges won’t go up until you’ve been with them for at least 5 years.

3. A2 Hosting

Key Features



One fantastic feature of A2 Hosting is that if you select their highest-tiered plan, you will receive Turbo speeds. They essentially have quicker premium servers. The strange thing is that their basic servers are already as fast as other Australian hosting providers.

With a money-back guarantee and one-click WordPress installation, A2 provides everything you might desire in a hosting package.

WordPress Installation

WordPress is preinstalled on all A2 Hosting WordPress hosting accounts. Softaculous’ one-click installer can also be used to set up new WordPress instances.

Customer support

A2 Hosting takes pleasure in providing you with “24/7/365 Guru Crew Support.” They promise to hand-pick their customer service staff and only deal with the most experienced specialists. Thats why, its fall under best wordpress hosting in australia 2022.

You may contact the support team by live chat, email, or phone. When it comes to fundamental WordPress expertise, the agents don’t disappoint, and based on our brief test, they’re ready to propose some solutions even if your enquiry isn’t fully about hosting.

A2 Hosting Price Guide

A2 takes a few distinct techniques to its shared hosting resources that set them apart from the competitors.

The main reason is

  • Their Limit Shared Hosting Resources
  • They use specific location Caching like a CDN

This is how the majority of shared hosting appears. The resources of a server or IP address are shared by multiple machines. The concept behind this strategy is that no single website requires as many resources as others; instead, resources are shared among them.

Customers benefit from better speeds when the number of persons on an IP or host is limited. The more users request information from a server, the slower it becomes. A2 keeps the server-to-customer ratio low to keep things moving quickly.

4. Cloudways

Key Features



Concentrate on your business instead of worrying about web hosting. Cloudways’ managed hosting provides unrivaled performance, dependability, and flexibility, as well as 24/7 support that functions as an extension of your team, making it the ideal solution for expanding agencies and eCommerce enterprises. We also can help you during the setup process. If you need any technical support PWD is happy to help. You can click here to Contact Us.

Cloudways is classified as a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Provider) cloud computing service, which provides users with a platform.

Not just any platform, but one that allows a user to create, run, and administer web apps without having to worry about the complexities of website development and maintenance.

It’s a web hosting platform that allows users to customise their own server. In our instance, it’s a WordPress server that allows you to run many WordPress sites on the same machine.

They are a platform-as-a-service solution that allows bloggers, designers, and developers to host their own websites.

A 99.9% uptime guarantee is provided by Cloudways. These dependencies are determined by the cloud provider you select from Cloudways. The placement of the servers is also determined by the cloud provider. Some have up to Dozen sites, while others have only a few. There are servers all over the world.

Cloudways does provide a service level agreement, which is usually a good indication. Customers will receive compensation or credits if service expectations are not reached by Cloudways. They also state which conditions are not eligible for credit.

WordPress Installation

Simply pick WordPress as your prefered application when creating your account, and it will be installed immediately when your server is launched. This implies you won’t have to go through the procedures of a manual WordPress setup.

WordPress apps may be divided into four categories. They are as follows:

  • WordPress (Type : Optimized WordPress)
  • WordPress Multisite (Type : Optimized especially for Multisite)
  • WordPress with WooCommerce (Type : Optimized especially for WooCommerce)
  • Clean (Type : Vanilla WordPress, NO Cloudways optimizations)
After you’ve decided on an application, you’ll need to decide on a cloud provider. You may select from a variety of providers, EC2, Linode, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Vultr including Amazon.
If you’re new to cloud hosting, I’d recommend going with a cloud provider that has a data centre close to your target audience.

5. Crazy Domains

Key Features



Crazy Domains is a privately held web hosting firm that provides a variety of web hosting services, including domain name registration.

The best part is that they have offices, support, and data centres all over the world, including Australia, Europe, Asia, India, New Zealand, the Middle East, as well as the UK, and the US.

Too many people overlook the physical location of a host, and as a result, they suffer from subpar performance. Having an Australian Web Hosting option is another approach to improving the performance of your website, and we are here to provide that answer to our customers.

They provide Web Hosting in the following Australian cities: Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Queensland all of which play a significant role in website speed and server performance.

WordPress Installation

The hosted WordPress platform is lightning fast, extremely dependable, and adheres to all WordPress hardware and setup requirements.
  • The latest PHP 7 with
  • SSH/SFTP Access
  • The latest MySQL with phpMyAdmin
  • Full HTTPS supported with HTTP/2
With a single click, you can install the latest WordPress software on any domain name and begin building your website. if you don’t have a domain yet then you can use a temporary domain Until you’re ready to switch to your own domain.
Crazy Domains Hosting Price Guide

6. Hostgator

Key Features



Why HostGator Is Ideal For You, In 7 Reasons

  1. Lightning-fast site loading: The only things HostGator’s has going for them are PHP7.1 and an integrated Apache-based content compression engine.
  2. Quick Server Response: HostGator performed admirably in Sao Paolo, Sydney, and Japan despite the fact that they only have two data centres, both of which are in the United States.
  3. 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed:A website can suffer a lot from downtime! You’ll miss out on possible purchases, and even worse, it will lower the ranking of your website in Google, which means you’ll lose out on all the hits from the first page, which results in even more sales being lost! The 99.9% uptime guarantee included in HostGator’s package is always appreciated by all consumers.
  4. Great User Interface: They’re the only ones with a UI that is truly pleasing to the eye because of their vibrant colours, and they’ve also made it quite simple to navigate through the client login page!
  5. Outstanding Customer Service: If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of having a problem with your website and no one is available to assist you, you’ll understand the value of having a really attentive, capable customer support crew. So In general, HostGator’s customer service is pretty decent.
  6. Unrestricted / Unlimited Resources: With HostGator, you are allowed to host an unlimited number of domains and email accounts. There’s no need to stress about choosing which domains to prioritise or paying extra for email addresses for new hires.
  7. (Business Plan Only) Free Dedicated IP: To keep your customers’ data safe and secure when you run an e-commerce site, you need have a dedicated IP and SSL! If you want your clients to return to your website again and again, it helps to build trust between them and it.

WordPress Installation – its also best WordPress hosting in australia

You can easily set up auto-backups, access 1-click restores, and do many other account management-related tasks thanks to the streamlined control panel.
  • Ready-to-go WordPress
  • Free domain
  • Advanced Security
  • Simplified control panel
What about the HostGator staff? With more than 2 million websites under our belt, it’s safe to say that our experts (also known as WordPress wizards) are fully knowledgeable. You are therefore in pretty dang capable hands should an issue develop.
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